Welcome to the AI Nest

Home to the laboratory of limitless potential, where test tubes are replaced with laptops, and every experiment is a journey  towards the bright future!

Hey there, Future Tech Wizards!

At AI Nests, we’re on a mission to turbocharge kids from 5th to 10th grade with the mind-blowing power of AI. Picture this: you’re the captain of your own AI spaceship, zooming through the galaxy of possibilities, creating cool gadgets, and inventing solutions to everyday problems!

We’re not your average bunch of grown-ups – we’re a team of AI superheroes with capes made of code and brains packed with ideas! Together, we’ll crack the code of AI, unravel its secrets, and use its superpowers to build a brighter future.

So, grab your imagination goggles and strap in for the ride of a lifetime! With AINest, the sky’s not the limit – it’s just the beginning of your epic journey into the AI universe!


The Leading AI Educational Institute  For Kids


we’re on a mission to turn tech into a funky adventure! Our goal? To turbocharge young minds with the coolest AI tricks and tools, making learning feel more like a dance party than a classroom.

At the AI Nest, we’re all about:

Rocking funky projects that make AI come alive to creating art that grooves to its own beat.
Jamming with fellow tech enthusiasts to solve problems and dream up the next big thing.
Sparking curiosity and imagination through mind-bending challenges that’ll have you saying, ‘Whoa, I never knew I could do that with AI!’
So come join our funky crew at the AI Nest, where every kid is a digital superhero in the making. Together, we’ll groove our way to a future filled with endless possibilities!”


Step into the “AI Nest,” where innovation meets funky fun! At the AI Nest, we believe in learning through play! Picture funky dance-offs powered by AI-generated beats and robot races where coding skills are put to the test. From creating AI-powered artwork to designing virtual worlds where imagination knew no limits.

At the heart of our program lies the belief that innovation knows no bounds – and neither do our students! So come join us at AI Nest, where the future is bright, funky and fluent in the language of AI.


In AI, We’ll explore the Amazing world of AI through innovation in a three simple steps

Mathematical Foundation

Think of AI like a cool superhero team! we use special math powers like sorting cards (algebra), finding the fastest route (calculus), guessing the next move (probability), and teamwork strategies (optimization) to save the day and solve big puzzles!

Data Visualization, Analysis and Python Coding

For AI, we use different ways to organize information, like LEGO blocks. Low code means using ready-made blocks to build cool stuff easily, while with no code, it’s like waving a magic wand to make things happen without writing any instructions.

Hands on AI Real Time Projects

Using cool tools to solve real-life puzzles, like teaching robots to talk or helping computers see like superheroes. It’s like being a real-life tech wizard!


Cultivating excellence in education while ensuring affordability necessitates strategic partnerships with premier institutions across the global educational spectrum

Level up your groove in the New Learning Beat

From cyberspace classrooms to virtual field trips, get ready to boogie your way through education’s coolest revolution yet. So strap on your digital dancing shoes and let’s groove into the future of learning, where every click is a step towards enlightenment and every byte is a beat to our funky educational anthem


Mini marvels, coding their way to glory!


Tech prodigies, wielding bytes like lightsabers.

Jedi Knight

Digital daredevils, surfing the data waves.

Jedi Master

Byte bosses, bending tech to their will.

Jedi Council Member

Tech trendsetters, shaping tomorrow’s digital dance.

Master of the Order

Data divas, orchestrating the digital universe.

Grand Master

Cyber sorcerers, reigning over the tech kingdom.